Spiritual Tools


Home Smudging / Cleansing Kit

The kits are great for removing negativity and adding positive energy in the home. Excellent to use when you move to a new place, someone moves in/out, or before/after you have guests over. These kits will come with: Whit Sage Bundle Palo Santo Stick Black Candle White Candle Black Tourmaline Crystal Fanning Feather Instructions on how to use.


The Dreamer Kit

This kit is for those looking for solutions to a restful nights sleep. The Dreamer Kit includes: Crystal Grid with Crystals, Crystal Infused Essential Oil Roller, Bath Salts, Pillow Spray, Tumbled Amethyst Crystal, and instructions on how to use everything. Shipping included in the price. Makes a great gift.


The Dreamers Grid

Handheld Grid with crystals to promote sleep. Comes with instructions and crystal descriptions.


Dreamers Salt

A special blend of salts and essential oils to promote a restful sleep. Salts are to be added to a warm bath for soaking. 3oz bottle


Dreamer OIl

Essential oil roller infused with amethyst crystals. Used to promote a restful sleep. Comes with instructions