Mala Beads

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Malakite Mala Beads

Aventaurine & Amethyst Mala Beads

This 108 hand knotted mala bead set has Aventaurine and Amythyst beads. Aventaurine is great to connect with the heart chakra and to cleanse the aura of negative energy. Amythyst offers spiritual protection, cleansing of negative energies and connects to the crown chakra. It has a beautiful Amythyst pendant that resembles an arrowhead.


Blue and silver

Blue and silver 108 mala beads. Hand knotted. Beautiful blues. brings clarity, peace, and love. reiki blessed for the purchaser.


Aquamarie Nautilus Shell Mala Beads

Beautiful Aquamarine beads to balance the throat chakra, help calm and sooth the emotions, and perfect for travelers, especially travel by water. Traditionally made with 108 beads and hand knotted. Aquamarine and wood beads, with a Nautilus Shell.


Unikite Statement Necklace

Beautiful beaded, hand knotted , Unikite beads with a matching Unikite Tree of Life Pendant. This is perfect to wear. Bring balance to emotions and balance to your Masculine & Feminine Energies. Aids in psychic abilities.



54 Pink Roses Mala Beads

These beautiful 54 white beads have pink roses and gold leaves. The Guru bead is a gold colored Buddha head and it has a pink tassel to match. These are light weight and easy to carry. Reiki blessed.





54 Red Wood Mala Prayer Beads

54 traditionally hand knotted Mala Prayer Beads. These are very light weight natural wood beads dyed red. With a diamond Guru bead and tan tassel. Reiki Blessed





54 Flower Mala Prayer Beads

54 traditionally hand knotted Mala Prayer beads. Light weight wood beads with a beautiful brown etched flower design. Natural wood guru beads with a light green tassel. Reiki Blessed.






White Howlite and Red Agate Crystal Mala Beads

108 Mala prayer beads, traditionally hand knotted. Beads are mock howlite crystal. Red agate crystal is encased in gold with a beautiful red tassel. Reiki Blessed. One of a kind.


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